If you are shopping for bamboo flooring, you have probably heard about strand woven bamboo flooring. Strand woven bamboo flooring has some unique properties that make it different from traditional bamboo and other types of  flooring. Here are some facts about strand woven bamboo flooring that you should know.

1. 4th Hardest Flooring

Strand woven bamboo flooring ranks the 4th hardest flooring in our lab tests that compared the hardness of over 52 hardwood flooring options. The only flooring that is stronger than strand woven bamboo flooring can only be made from rare species of bamboo that are rapidly disappearing from the rain forest.

As compared to Red Oak , Mr. Bamboo’s floors are 100% harder. This is in addition to most other hardwoods. Mr. Bamboo only sells strand woven bamboo floors. As a result, strand woven bamboo flooring is unlikely to scratch or dent easily as a result of being exposed to high heels, pet claws, or furniture movement.

2. Multiple Style Options

Strand woven bamboo flooring from Mr. Bamboo comes in four color options: Natural, Coffee, Auburn and Sedona. With several color options, this type of flooring is perfect for almost any décor. Although bamboo is a grass and not wood, it can still provide an elegant or casual look making it excellent for formal, modern, contemporary and other interior design schemes.

3. Simple Maintenance

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a great option for both commercial and residential spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The maintenance for strand woven bamboo flooring is very simple. The only thing that you will need to do is use a dry mop or vacuum regularly. To clean up messes on the floor, a wet mop may be used. Strand woven bamboo flooring doesn’t need waxing, unlike hardwood floors.

4. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Not only has strand woven bamboo flooring gained a reputation for reliability and durability, it is also an eco-friendly, sustainable building material. In just 5-6 years, an 80 foot Moso bamboo stalk can be harvested for making strand woven bamboo flooring. In contrast, many species of trees can take up to 90 years to reach full maturity. Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is also formaldehyde-free and is made with non-off gassing adhesives to protect the health of your family, or your employees and visitors to your business.

5. Installation

Strand woven bamboo can be nailed or set as a floating floor. This makes the installation of bamboo flooring similar to that of other flooring products on the market, such as hardwood. BamStrand® requires a nail down installation over plywood sub-floor.. Our other product, BamLoc® is prefinished floating (self-locking) floor.  

Finding the right type of flooring for your personalized needs can be time-consuming. If you are considering strand woven bamboo flooring for your home or business, you do your research first before you make a final decision.