As one of the latest highlights in modern interior design, bamboo flooring offers an eco-friendly alternative to laminate, ceramic and hardwood flooring. Adding bamboo flooring to any room can create a stylish look with the added benefit of sustainability. With so many perks, the demand for bamboo flooring has only continued to increase in today’s eco-conscious flooring market. If you are planning to update your home with bamboo flooring, here are some of the latest design trends to consider.

Using Bamboo Flooring as an Alternative to Natural Hardwood

Many homebuyers look for hardwood flooring in a property and it is seen as a must-have amenity for a modern home. As a result, hardwood floors generally add value to a property. However, hardwood floors can be expensive to replace and are considered to be best for properties with a low tenant turnover rate.

If you are planning to install flooring in a property where style and elegance is important, many interior designers suggest bamboo flooring as an option. Bamboo is a greener option for flooring than hardwood because it is a grass that can be regenerated in just 5-­6 years, as compared to the 90 years required for an oak tree. Bamboo flooring is also available in color options that are somewhat similar to the colors of natural hardwoods.

Although, bamboo does not have a grain like traditional wood because it is fibrous, it can be nailed or set as a floating floor, just like hardwood flooring.   

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

If you are trying to decide what type of bamboo flooring to install, you’ve probably heard about strand woven bamboo flooring. This type of flooring is trending because it ranks higher on the Janka hardness test than even the toughest species of hardwoods, including red oak. The process of creating strand woven bamboo flooring involves weaving the bamboo grass fibers in order to form a stronger material. As a result, strand woven bamboo flooring is harder than traditional bamboo flooring. Strand woven bamboo can be used as flooring for high traffic areas in both residential and commercial projects.

Dark Bamboo Flooring

Recently, dark-colored flooring has been getting a lot of attention from interior designers. The dark, rich colors work best when paired with light or white décor and dark flooring is an excellent option for creating a modern, contemporary look. However, homeowners should be aware that some dark-colored flooring products, such as hardwood, are prone to scratches that show. Since bamboo flooring is also now available in dark colors, more homeowners are considering bamboo flooring in order to take advantage of this trend.

If you want assistance with selecting the right type of flooring for your property, consider working with an interior decorator. Flooring for your property is a significant investment and the bamboo flooring options that you select should complement your interior design choices.