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Carpet is full of dust, bugs, germs and so on, even frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning only removes a fraction of it. The first thing many doctors recommend to patients with bad allergies or asthma, is to remove the carpet and replace it with a hard surface flooring product. For those who have pets, carpeting can be a nightmare. Carpet traps odors, and stains are very difficult to remove. Carpet usually only lasts a few years before replacement is needed.

Mr. Bamboo’s strand woven flooring is perfect for people who suffer with allergies or asthma because it is a hypoallergenic floor!

Mr. Bamboo‘s floors do not trap odors and if your pet makes a mess, just simply wipe it up and clean with a mild cleaning solution. Carpet requires professional cleaning every 18 months so any warranties aren’t void, but with Mr. Bamboo‘s floors, no professional cleaning is needed. Mr. Bamboo‘s flooring eliminates all these problems, especially formaldahyde off gassing which carpet heavily produces.

Mr. Bamboo‘s floors will increase the monetary value of your home.

Disgusting Carpet
Disgusting Carpet
Damaged Carpet
Damaged Carpet
Stained Carpet
Stained Carpet
Ceramic tile is difficult to install and may be very expensive to do so. It is cold, hard on muscles and joints, and can be slippery. It is also very unforgiving to breakable objects such as glass, or even elbows and knees if you were to fall! Although the tile itself is resistant to staining, the actual tile may crack, grout lines easily chip and stain, and it requires extensive maintenance.

Mr. Bamboo‘s floors are easily installed with intermediate carpentry skills. Our floors are easier on the joints and muscles, and is resistant to staining and water moisture. You will not have to worry about chipping and cracking with Mr. Bamboo‘s floors.

For generations, tile was the accepted product for kitchens and baths, but due to the evolution of bamboo flooring, it is now the accepted product due to its hardness, stain resistancy and durability.

Mr. Bamboo‘s floors will increase the monetary value of your home.

Dirty Grout

Cracked Tile

Working on Dirty Grout
Laminate looks fake, it is just a printed photograph of real wood glued to a piece of particle board. It can not be sanded and refinished if it scratches or dents, and often sounds hollow when walked on. Water moisture will ruin the laminate causing mildew and peaking at the joints. Laminate is also less likely than natural flooring to increase the monetary value of your home. There is no comparison between laminate and Mr. Bamboo’s floors.

Our floors are 100% solid bamboo, not just a printed photograph on particle board. You are able to sand Mr. Bamboo‘s floors many times without worrying about re-staining, because the floor coloring is natural or carbonized, therefore the color goes all the way through each board.

OurBamLoc® was the FIRST 100% solid prefinished strand woven floating flooring on the market. The self-locking system is perfect for concrete sub floors that are not suitable for nailing or gluing, and it’s perfect for radiant heat installations. Moisture also does not affect Mr. Bamboo’s flooring.

Our floors will increase the value of your home.

Laminate Floor
Laminate Floor
Although Cork is a GREEN product, it is a very soft material that can easily be damaged. Sharp or heavy objects such as appliances and furniture that are left in place for long periods of time can cause permanent indentations. It is prone to water moisture damage. Cork usually can not be sanded due to the soft, thin nature of the outer layer.

Mr. Bamboo’s floors are 100% harder than oak and most other hardwoods and therefore will not dent or scratch from high heels, sharp objects, pet claws and furniture movement. Heavy objects and accidental spills will not damage our floors, and appliances left in place for long periods of time will not cause permanent indentations.

Mr. Bamboo‘s floors can be installed below grade due to its resistancy to moisture and it’s also perfect for radiant heat installations. Since our floors are more durable, less maintenance is needed to maintain its beautiful appearance!

Our floors can be sanded many times, but unlike Cork, if 1 bamboo board is damaged, it can simply be cut out and replaced.

Water Damaged Cork
Gouged Cork
Even though traditional bamboo flooring is about 25% harder than Oak and Maple, it still can be easily scratched or gouged by high heels, small pets and furniture movement. Any sort of pressure may result in dents, scratches and even cracks in the floor. For these reasons there are a lot of complaints from homeowners and business owners when working with traditional bamboo flooring.

Mr. Bamboo’s strand woven flooring is much harder than traditional bamboo flooring and cannot be easily scratched, dented or gouged by high heels, small pets and furniture movement. It is perfect for commercial and residential use.

Mr. Bamboo harvests Moso bamboo when it reaches its full maturity-5-6 years. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards on the market.

Mr. Bamboo’s BamStrand® and BamLoc® flooring are prefinished with 6 coats of water-based German ceramic finish. Maintenance is a snap with just a dry mop or vacuum to clean, no wax needed.

You will love your floors, and with our BamLoc® product, you can even unsnap your floor and take it with you if you ever decide to move!!!

Scratched Traditional Bamboo
Cracked Traditional Bamboo
Scratched Traditional Bamboo
Mr. Bamboo’s strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the absolute hardest floors on the market. In lab tests that compared the hardness of over 52 hardwood flooring choices, Mr. Bamboo strand woven bamboo in natural color was the 4th hardest flooring. The only floors that exceeded the hardness of Strand woven bamboo were a few very exotic species from the rapidly disappearing rain forest, making Mr. Bamboo the hardest environmentally friendly floor on the market.

When compared to flooring such as oak and maple, Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is more than twice as hard as these traditional types. Things that scratch and dent ordinary hardwood floors such as high heels, heavy furniture and pet claws, rarely effect Mr. Bamboo.

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