Mr. Bamboo flooring is highly recommended for home and business use thanks to its reliability and durability. However, after your flooring is installed, proper care is needed in order to guarantee that your flooring will last for years to come. Here are a few easy bamboo floor care tips to help you get started.

Remove Shoes in the Home

To protect your bamboo flooring, and to avoid issues with dirt and dust, do not allow shoes to be worn in your home. You can also place rugs at the doorways of the home to provide a barrier between your floors and the outdoors. If your guests are not likely to follow the rules, remind them before they enter your house. You should also wear slippers to protect the floor from sweat and dirt on your feet.

Dry Spills

Dry spills can be easily removed from the floor with a vacuum or dry mop. Simply sweep the mess into a pile and pick it up or vacuum it away. Thanks to the secure fit of Mr. Bamboo’s flooring, you never have to worry about dry spills getting under the planks of the floor.

Wet Spills

Wet spills should be cleaned up quickly from the floor. If there is a wet spill on the floor, it can also become a safety hazard so it is best to get rid of the problem quickly. For wet spills, use a dry cloth or paper towels to clean up the mess and make sure that you remove all of the moisture from the area. If there are still some dry particles left behind after the spill, you can also vacuum or clean the area with a dry mop.

When you clean up wet spills, avoid using abrasive cleaning materials, such as steel wool or scrubbers, because these items can scratch your floors.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Although bamboo floors do not require a lot of maintenance, it is still a good idea to clean your floors at least once per week. You should use a dry mop. Getting rid of dust and dirt regularly can prevent the build up of stubborn stains and scratches caused by dry dirt being moved around the floor as people walk through the room.

Pay Attention to High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas of your home should receive more attention than other areas if you want to properly maintain your floors and you may even want to clean the floors in these areas daily. Consider protecting these areas with rugs if there is a high risk of wet spills. You should also make sure that you clean underneath furniture items so that dust and dirt does not collect in these areas. With the right care, you can expect that your bamboo flooring will retain its natural beauty for years to come.