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Many consumers have had bad flooring remodeling experiences in the past. When issues arise, many homeowners and commercial customers find themselves caught in the middle of a debate between the flooring manufacturer, distributors, contractors, retailers, and the installers.

Home Remodeling and Improvement Services Survey 

  • Home remodeling and improvement services have a bad reputation with consumers.  64% of consumers report that their home improvement and home remodeling projects did not meet their expectations.
  • A recent survey conducted by Planese, Inc., who manages an app for managing home improvement projects, collected responses from 1,000 homeowners between the ages of 35 to 55, married, with a bachelor’s degree and household incomes of $75,000 to $100,000.
  • Planese founder Dan Fritschen observed: “Home improvement and home remodeling have fewer consumers reporting that the product and service met their expectations frequently because consumers are inexperienced with buying these goods and services.
  • Not focusing on the many reports of home improvement and remodeling scams, consumers frequently complain that remodelers do not do what they promise. They substitute higher quality products with inferior ones, they do not pay attention to details, products do not perform as promised, and they are slow or nonresponsive in addressing consumer complaints.

Current Flooring Industry

History and research has shown us that typical flooring distributors and retailers carry a vast array of product lines. It is impossible for them to train staff to learn all of the unique aspects of each inpidual product line in addition to the chemical content, construction and composition.

Additionally, they are not trained or fully understand the correct tools and installation methods that are required to install a bamboo product.  Due to these facts, they can’t control the quality of the flooring/ installation or even fully educate the consumer. As a result they cannot offer a warranty that meets customer’s expectations.

Mr. Bamboo has created a new innovative concept for the flooring industry!

Mr. Bamboo created solutions to solve common problems in the flooring industry!
Mr. Bamboo has eliminated our channel of distribution to retailers and flooring distributors. We have supplied and installed our commercial grade bamboo flooring directly to many residential and commercial customers.

Through thorough research, Mr. Bamboo is the first flooring company on the market that offers a 25 Year Transferable Residential Warranty. Mr. Bamboo’s warranties not only benefit the original purchaser, but are transferable to new home buyer. The warranty on our flooring is a “value add” to your home or projects and will help put your projects ahead of your competition.

Mr. Bamboo has been approved to franchise our business nationwide! Check us out at:

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