Maintenance for your flooring is important if you want your bamboo flooring to retain its value and original beauty over time. With Mr. Bamboo’s flooring, the superior manufacturing process ensures that this type of flooring as low maintenance as possible. However, there are still some things that you should know about bamboo flooring care. Here are some tips on post-installation maintenance and care for bamboo flooring.

Regular Maintenance

Unlike other types of flooring, Mr. Bamboo’s flooring does not require intensive regular maintenance. In fact, the maintenance for Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is very simple. All you will need to care for your floors is a dry mop or vacuum for regular cleanings.

Avoiding Scratches and Dents

Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is designed to not scratch easily from high heels, sharp objects, pet claws and furniture movement. However, this does not mean that the floor is completely resistant to this kind of damage. If you want to avoid scratches and dents from furniture or heavy objects, consider placing area rugs in high traffic areas. In addition, you also want to protect the floor from sharp surfaces by using furniture pads and other protective materials to prevent the contact of the furniture with the floor.

Avoid Wet Spills

Although Mr. Bamboo’s floors are approved as pet-friendly flooring for your home, it is still a good idea to make sure that you clean up any spills quickly. This can also prevent accidents in your home so that no one accidentally falls and slips on the floor. Cleaning up a wet spill can be done easily with a dry cloth or paper towels.

In addition, since Mr. Bamboo’s flooring absorbs less water moisture than most hardwoods, it is okay to use our flooring in kitchens and other areas where spills may occasionally occur. There is no need to worry about using bamboo flooring in the kitchen under average usage conditions.

Protecting Bamboo Flooring

The manufacturing process for Mr. Bamboo’s flooring includes protection so your floors will never need waxing. All of our flooring products contain 6 coats of German ceramic factory finish that is much stronger than any aftermarket finish on traditional types of flooring.

Keep Extra Planks on Hand

In the event that the floor does become damaged, all that is needed to restore the look of your floor is to replace or remove the damaged plank. As with all floors, it is a good idea to keep extra planks on hand in the event of a problem. Mr. Bamboo’s flooring planks are prefinished and come in a standard size so that replacing the planks won’t significantly change the look of your floor.

As you can see, caring for your floors is not a difficult task with Mr. Bamboo’s flooring. In fact, you might find that the maintenance and care is easier for you than with other types of flooring. If you have other questions about care for Mr. Bamboo’s flooring, simply review our FAQ section.