As more people seek out alternative building materials for their homes, the popularity of strand woven bamboo flooring has grown. Unlike hardwood floors, strand woven bamboo floors are considered to be environmentally-friendly. However, many people are surprised to learn exactly how beneficial this type of flooring is for the environment. Here are some of the environmental benefits of using strand woven bamboo flooring for you to consider.

Less Environmental Waste

Strand woven bamboo flooring is different from other flooring products because the manufacturing process for this type of flooring leaves less environmental waste. To create strand woven bamboo flooring, 100% of the bamboo stalk is used. In addition, the adhesives that are used are eco-friendly to prevent chemical waste from being created by the manufacturing process.

No Toxic Chemicals

While this is not necessarily true of all types of bamboo products, Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is formaldehyde-free and is made with non-off gassing adhesives. Toxic chemicals that are used in other flooring products can harm indoor air quality and may also result in health problems for individuals with allergies and asthma. In addition, formaldehyde has been linked to cancer in both laboratory animals and humans, which is another reason why we do not use this chemical in our flooring.


In addition to the reliability and durability of Mr. Bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring is great for the environment because it is a sustainable building material. Bamboo matures quickly and in just 5-6 years, an 80 foot Moso bamboo stalk can be harvested for making strand woven bamboo flooring. When this maturation period is compared to that of hardwood species the difference is startling. For many species of hardwood trees, it can take up to 90 years for the tree to reach full maturity.

Although it is difficult to know how many trees are cut down each year, a report done in 2005 by the United Nations estimated that roughly 3 to 6 billion trees are cut down every year in order to make paper, flooring, lumber and other items. Every hour, roughly 500,000 trees are cut. Every minute, 75 acres are cut. This all adds up to a whooping 39,000,000 acres a year. Therefore, using bamboo for flooring can help to prevent the deforestation that is currently taking place as the result of using hardwood for flooring and other furniture items.


The durability of strand woven bamboo flooring is a benefit for the environment because this type of flooring has to be replaced less often. Replacing flooring less often means less waste as compared to other types of flooring that are highly susceptible to the warping, scratches, cracks and stains that make floor replacement necessary. In fact, Mr. Bamboo offers a 25 Year Transferable Residential Warranty which covers installation, finish and structural integrity. As a result, you can expect your floors to last for years to come.