A: It is true that TRADITIONAL bamboo is a softer material. Even though traditional bamboo flooring is about 25% harder than Oak and Maple, it still can be easily scratched or gouged by high heels, small pets and furniture movement. Any sort of pressure may result in dents, scratches and even cracks in the floor. For these reasons there are a lot of complaints from homeowners and business owners when working with traditional bamboo flooring.

Mr. Bamboo’s BamLoc® and BamStrand® flooring is truly pet friendly. It is much harder than traditional bamboo flooring and is 100% harder than Red Oak and most other hardwoods. Therefore it will not dent or scratch easily from high heels, sharp objects, pet claws and furniture movement. It is perfect for residential and commercial projects.

A: Mr. Bamboo’s Bamloc® is perfect for customers with concrete sub-floors. BamLoc® was the FIRST 100% solid pre-finished floating floor on the market. No Nailing is required and moisture does not affect it like engineered hardwoods, laminates and most other flooring.
A: Some bamboo products do, but Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is formaldehyde free and is made with Non-off gassing adhesives.
A. No, Mr. Bamboo flooring comes in four beautiful colors that match almost any décor. The 6 coats of of German ceramic factory finish are much stronger than any aftermarket finish on traditional types of flooring.
A: With Mr. Bamboo’s flooring, just remove/replace a damaged plank because they are all prefinished and a standard size. With all floors, always keep extra planks, just in case.
A: Yes, Because Mr. Bamboo’s BamLoc® flooring is a solid self locking floor. It is perfect to be installed over radiant heat. BamLoc® boards are wider and come with three random lengths, which make it easy to install on any type of sub-floor and reduce installation costs.
A: It is perfect to install Mr. Bamboo’s flooring in kitchens. Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is much harder than Red Oak, Hard Maple and other common woods. Also it absorbs less water moisture than most hardwoods.
A: The company is the FIRST flooring company on the market who offers 25 Year TRANSFERABLE RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY (Warranty covers installation, finish and structural).

Mr. Bamboo’s warranties not only benefit the original purchaser, but are transferable to a new home buyer.

A: The maintenance with Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is very simple, all you need is a dry mop or vacuum to clean, and no wax is needed.