Frustrated Customers

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Frustrated Customers

can't handleHistory and research has shown us that typical flooring distributors and retailers carry a vast array of product lines. It is impossible for them to train staff to learn all of the unique aspects of each individual product line in addition to the chemical content, construction and composition.  Additionally, they are not trained or fully understand the correct tools and installation methods that are required to install a bamboo product.  Due to these facts, they can’t control the quality of the flooring/installation or even fully educate the consumer. As a result they cannot offer a warranty that meets customer’s expectations.

We have learned that many consumers have had bad remodeling experiences in the past. When issues arise, many homeowners find themselves caught in the middle of a debate between the flooring manufacturer, distributors, flooring retailers and the installers. Homeowners are also plagued by high pressure sales staff both at retail locations and during their in-home demonstrations. Price gimmicks, hidden costs and unethical practices are an industry norm.

Mr. Bamboo understands the problems of the flooring industry and its affect on consumers. During Mr. Bamboo’s earlier years, we stopped supplying our flooring products to distributors. Soon after, we also eliminated sales to over 200 retailers across the Central United States. Now, we supply and install our bamboo flooring directly to residential and commercial customers. We educate the public about the benefits of bamboo flooring and the Mr. Bamboo concept.

Mr. Bamboo understands that the bottom line for any business is to provide superior products at reasonable prices to today’s educated residential and commercial customers.

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