Whether your style is rustic, modern, contemporary, classic, or eclectic…The elegant and unique beauty of Mr. Bamboo flooring is perfect for almost any décor. Bamboos durability and stylish appeal are what makes it the fastest growing product in the flooring market. Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is also most likely to increase the monetary value of your home.

Bamboo is classified as a grass and not a wood, this unique characteristic makes it ideal for commercial and residential areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Bamboo does not have a grain like traditional woods for it is fibrous. Mr. Bamboo flooring will not soak in spills like oak and other products. It is truly an amazing floor.

Mr. Bamboo’s flooring does not require waxing, polishing or routine sanding/refinishing like other hardwood products as well. One simply has to either vacuum or dry mop to clean regularly, and use a damp mop only when needed.